Photography, Research, Editorial

Ich bin eine Ruine is a documentary tour through a special type of urban ruins: those caused by voluntary abandonment after the war. These warlike ruins, depositories of a rest-trace, are exhibited through various layers, which allow archaeological reflection on a constant in history. From Belchite to Berlin, the space of a common destiny is transited, the phantasmagoria of a global story, which is reconstructed from a space that tells us about the passage of time and an experience that every country knows.

In this way, Virginia de Diego and Noemí Larred claim the constructive nature of a story based on ruin from which to perceive the territory described as their own, just as Kennedy felt himself an inhabitant of that Berlin in which this journey ends when Ich bin shouts ein Berliner. This work is therefore presented as a proposal that must consider ethically, politically and poetically the unstable global context, in order to create a new time that does not entail the cancellation of the past.

The exhibition was selected for PHotoEspaña 2012, constituting one more stage of the series Miradas sobre la arquitectura, which since 2008 proposes a reflection on photography as a subjective means of documentation and its relationship with a given architectural space.

Publishing house→ EDITORIAL IED 
Design→ Virginia de Diego
Print run→ 500 (numbered and stamped)


Cargo Collective
Frogtown, Los Angeles