Photography, Editorial

Instead of a round at the table tennis table, in the exhibition series PING PONG there is an interaction with pictures. In the first edition, the artists Virginia de Diego and Julia Gaisbacher enter into a visual dialogue on the subject of public space. While Virginia de Diego's photographic practice is characterized by a desire to observe everyday life, immediately and momentarily, Julia Gaisbacher's works testify to her interest in social conventions, architecture and representation in urban space.Following the rules of the game, each responding to the photo of the other with their own, the two artists create a chain of pictures from around 30 photographs, which opens up a new narrative. The photos refer to formal or aesthetic details of the previous picture, make reference to content or pick up moods. Just as Virgina de Diego and Julia Gaisbacher were asked to be inspired by a photo in the photographic PING PONG game, visitors are also invited to sharpen their eyes and be surprised by the visual dialogue of the artists.The accompanying program is dedicated to the topic of communication in photography.


Cargo Collective
Frogtown, Los Angeles