Drawing, Sculpture

Prepost(erous) is a game about times, stories and, of course, archeologies. Always in the plural voice, because this project seeks to reflect on the sacredness of the archaeological object and of the discipline as scientific truth - totemic, with a unique and univocal reading. The idea arises thanks to my doctoral research “The ruin as a replica: the Protocontemporary moment” that catalogs a new type of objects that, although their materialities look alike archaeological artifacts, are newly created objects. Functioning as suggestions, in these elements dichotomous categories such as past / present, incomplete / complete, broken / whole, real / false merge, result in a questioning, tentative objects, where they are neither one thing nor the other.

The objects in this project are ‘replicas’ of some cave paintings from the global geography but they are materialized not with this two-dimensional technique, but as sculptures made with corrugated steel bars. Material commonly used in construction, it helps to confuse the temporality of the objects: they resemble something prehistoric, but they are made like the works are about to be built. A past that has happened or that, perhaps, has not happened yet. Or better: both.

The idea is to ‘bury’ these sculptural drawings on the wall of the gallery, so that they are, more or less, flush with the wall, with some more hidden pieces. If someone were to buy the work, it would have to be excavated from the wall, always with the help of an archaeologist. If no one bought the work, it would be covered by a new layer of plaster to make the wall clean and ready for the next exhibition.

Cargo Collective
Frogtown, Los Angeles