Drawing, Collage, Research

N E W S is a meta-journalistic investigation about our vision - and limitation - geographic Eurocentrist. By reading Spanish periodicals, we proceed to the analysis of geographic expressionscas used in a variety of articles. Thus, news more related to our European territory are more showers in detail - "Rué Bergé, in Schaerbeek" or "Bellavista street in the Mallorcan municipality of Calvia" -, while the ones furthest from us, even from territories that I would consider - Western, enter into the most absolute imprecision: "the states of the northwest" "in 18 countries and territories of America" "two points in the north of Syria". N E W S of course refers to "news" in English, but they are also the initials of the cardinal points in the same language: North, East, West and South.

Cargo Collective
Frogtown, Los Angeles