This exhibition showcases the work of a number of artists with a new sensibility towards concepts like the Past, History and how to approach the Ruin. Originally an archaeological concept and an aesthetic category that has excited the Eurocentric imaginary for centuries, the ruin has taken two roads: firstly, the ruin has been observed, contemplated, depicted, documented and collected as a container of time and thus a passive element; and, secondly, through extreme romanticisation and fantasy, the ruin is seen as a new creation, the moment of the invention of the ruin, which we discovered in the paintings by Hubert Robert or in the tradition of the folly.

The works in Ya no nos importa (We Don’t Care Anymore) can be found on a third path that arises from the clash between the two just mentioned: the objects presented here are newly created materialities (second path) but whose forms recall classic ruins (first path).

Fran Meana creates what we could view as cast-ruins. María Jesús González and Patricia Gómez present traces created through destruction. Alejandría Cinque works with focuses on statuary, where it is positioned without possessing anything. Avelino Salas collects objects which are not passive artefacts but rather hostile meteorites. Finally, Diego Delas and Nicolas Lamás foreshadow the ruin in a disaster that is yet to take place but which at once has already happened.

With influences borrowed from the Post-Processual movement in archaeology or the Speculative Materialism movement in philosophy, Ya no nos importaimagines a time in which we accept the past as impossible to clarify and, therefore, as a fictional burden. The decision is then to create our own tradition. The end of (re)collecting.
Ya no nos importa.
We don’t care anymore.

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Cargo Collective
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